Visit Superb Views of North Kansai with Blissful Happiness(2)

Travel around North Kansai to visit blissful happiness magnificent sceneries of one of the three views in Japan,
Michelin star 2 sightseeing spot, Macchu Picchu of Japan, footbath and 7kinds of healing onsen!

Day1 Kuromatsu Sweet Course forwarding to Amanohashidate

Inside of Kuromatsu (Sweets train)

The appearance and inside of Kuromatsu train was so cute. Staffs were also very kind.

I’m not a rail fan though…Kuromatsu is fantastic as a sightseeing train.

Sweets of Kuromatsu (Sweets train)

Sweets of Kuromatsu (Sweets train)

Very tasty! Fruit jerry served first was chewy and fresh. A little bit of alcohol was contained and made sweets much tastier.
Was it really ok to take sugar so much in an hour?

At and around Amanohashidate

Here is good for having some food! There are souvenir and sweets shops, Japanese and Western restaurant. We recommend to come there through Amanohashidate by bicycle and go back to the station.

Throwing clay Kawaranage was fun but so difficult!! Won’t my wish come true? :(

Amanohashidate Hotel

The hotel can be seen from the station so that it’s very convenient for tourist from overseas.
We were very happy to see the sea from the clean and tidy room!

In the evening, so many dishes were on the table so that it was fun to look for each dish while reading a menu. Too much to eat, but very delicious.
BTW, free Wi-Fi was available in the hotel.

DAY2 Ine Funaya Kinosaki Onsen visit 7 open-air baths

Ine Boat houses

You can get here by only bus or car. Even located at the inconvenient place, the sea and town there are so beautiful.
A kind man at the station lent us bicycles for free. It was wonderful to see the scenery while biking.
Actually, we knew Ine boat houses before visiting since it was quite famous. However, there were not so many tourists here. It was like an unexplored region!

I heard here was selected as one of the best tourist spots by Michelin. We wish here keeps the beautiful scenery and environment even here becomes famous.
We heard the ringing of school bell and felt very nostalgic.

Kinosaki Onsen

Here is the town with Japanese traditional atmosphere. Lots of people walks around the town dressed in Yukata. We felt relaxed very much. Love to visit again!
Dressed in Yukata is very unique experience to us. During Sotoyu meguri (Visit public bathes), we enjoyed shooting game and pinball. Here must be the best town for those who love onsen.

The town varies depending on the time. I love the town in the night. It was very nice to stroll in the silent town where shops and inns were light-up. It was already 5pm when we got here. We would love to come earlier and visit all of 7 public onsens!

Ryokan, the Japanese style inn (Yutoya)

This is the Ryokan located at central town and 1min away from Onsen Street. There is a solemn garden and buildings with long history.
Staffs came to welcome us as soon as we entered the inn. The staffs explained politely when we checked in. We felt Japanese “Omotenashi” through the kind service such as serving wet towels and teas.
The room we stayed was spacious. It was gorgeous to see the garden from Onsen inside the inn.

In addition, we were too happy to have crabs and Tajima beef for dinner. Okami, the landlady, were so funny too. She told me how to eat dishes.
The Ryokan is absolutely recommended for travelers who want to experience the private and relaxing trip.

DAY3 Castle in the sky-Takeda Castle

Review of Takeda castle ruins

It is hard to climb but the beautiful view is absolutely worth it! Since it was sunny day, blue sky and the view from the top were excellent. However, we really want to see the view like a poster. (The view of castle floating in the sky)
*We were too late to get there to see the sea of clouds this time. You have to wake up early to see it.

Travel around North-Kansai for 3days

This trip brought us full of smiles. We will definitely take our parents to this tour when they come to Japan.
We could visit the places where tourists coming to Kansai hoped to go but couldn’t. It took lots of time for transportation but it was worths it.
North-Kansai had a unique atomosphere comparing to Kyoto and Nara.